Losing weight: Is it really that hard?

How often have we seen ourselves incrementally checking out our weight as we munch our way through our favourite snack. Let’s admit it, we all have done that at some point in our life.Especially during this time of the lock-down type of a situation where we have a sort of a restricted movement outside, where the gyms are closed and we can’t even go for our runs outside, we are concerned of our increasing weight but feel like we cannot do much about it. The last couple of months have taken a serious hit on our intentions of getting healthy and staying fit this year, for some of us, it had been a New Year’s resolution but due to this unprecedented situation, all our plan of action has taken a serious hit. We can stay where we are and go about rambling and complaining about how things took a turn for the worse and how we could not achieve what we had planned for, or, we can get up right now, and get things done, get things worked out, leaving behind no room for excuses.

“Excuses sound the best to the one’s making them up!”

My Journey : Losing 15.2 lbs in 54 Days!

15 lbs in 54 days? Something too good to be true? Is it even possible? Is it a joke?

No, it is not a joke, and Yes I did happen to lose over 15 lbs in a matter of 54 days.

I weighed about 130.8 lbs(59.4 kg) when I started and eventually weighed about 115.6 lbs( 52.5 kg) by the end of 54 days.

How did I do it?

Let’s start from the beginning. Two weeks prior to the official lock-down declared by the government was when I stopped attending my college with a fear among us students of the imminent threat of the coronavirus looming about and especially after a man close to the area of my college premise had been reportedly tested positive.

The next couple of days went by without much of a hassle as we all expected things to get back to its normalcy by the end of march, and slowly we saw the advent of the extension of the lock-down as the number of cases tested positive for the virus slowly started spiking up day after day after day. My daily activity had now been restricted to only in and around the house.

Then came the time when we slowly began our online-classes which further restricted my movement in the house to going downstairs for meals at the most! As the days went by, I was adding on those extra pounds, without much physical activity. Most of my day would have me staying in my room, either attending my online-classes or lying on my bed with my phone.

I was growing heavier and heavier and had begun to feel very unhealthy. The turning point was when I got out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror. Inside everybody’s head, I had a very athletic and physically gifted body. But when I saw that person in the mirror, I knew it wasn’t that person anymore. I stepped on the weighing scale and I was closing in on a 135 lbs! I could not believe that it was happening all over again, it was 2017 all over again! The only person I had to blame was myself! This couldn’t be it, this can’t be me, I said to myself.

Then I did the most obvious thing. I jumped right onto YouTube and started watching all the transformation videos, videos of Amir Khan’s transformation in Dangal, Hrithik Roshan’s transformation for War. Watching all of these were very inspiring, but I also had to come grips with the fact that these celebrities can lose a lot of weight with the amounts of steroids, with the exorbitant amount of supplements. They also have a team of trained professionals guiding them throughout their workouts with the right type of diet and monitoring them throughout. I couldn’t get all of that done, obviously.

The lock-down helped the cause to an extent as I had stopped eating out by now, which meant, a lesser amount of tastemakers and the food-preservatives. Diet was out of the way however, with my peculiar habit of being a very “picky” eater and I have always been very “snacky” throughout out my life.Munching on those packets of cookies or chips and finishing up dozens of them in a week’s time!

Diet and restricted eating was out of the way now, I knew i could not keep up with it. Which now meant I had to work on my exercises now. A lot of people think that I have a genetically healthy body. The truth being, “The people who determine my genes cannot wear Jeans”, which meant that I now had to put in an extra amount of work to get back in shape!

With a little bit of will-power and a little bit of discipline I started my journey back, back towards a healthy living.

I had to start working out now. Running was out, due to the situation outside which meant I could only work-out indoors. I also had to make sure to avoid all packed food however and change my eating habits.

The next day I started. I had put up a goal of 90 days for myself,

Day 1, not too bad, day 2 not bad, day 3, the workout went fine but my cravings to snack had begun to aggravate. I used to munch on 2 entire packets of Parle-G all by myself while having tea and now I had to get through tea without any snack at all. Day 3 , I got through my day without giving in to my cravings but Day 4, all hell broke loose and I snacked more than what I would have for 4 days! Withdrawal symptoms is what pushed me off the ledge. I had cut down my eating all of a sudden.

The next 3 days was my old lazy schedule all over again. I did not know what was to be done.

The next day I started it all over again but I did make sure this time though that I did not cut down or restrict my eating habits. This time yet again by the end of 3–4 days I had lost my enthusiasm in what I had begun. I had to push myself out of bed to get going on day 5, I had to tell myself, just get through this day, it’ll get easier tomorrow, I had to push myself out of bed again on day 6 and a couple of days following that.It was day 9 now, and I was automatically out of bed working out. I didn’t have to think of it nor did I have to command my muscles to move, they worked all by themselves, almost as if they had been trained to do so. This went on for another couple of days and slowly I had begun to enjoy this process and I completely forgot why I had started in the first place. My workouts were so natural that I wasn’t tired anymore, it had now become a part of my life. I started to look forward to the part of the day when I would workout, it has been one of those things that has kept me so fresh even after spending so much time at home during this lock-down. Eventually I happened to check my weight one day, and Hallelujah! I had lost plenty of weight, I had never expected to shed so much weight. I looked back at my calendar, and it had been 54 days since I had begun this journey. I was so lost in the process of it and was so mesmerized in it that I had forgotten about why I had even started. I looked myself in the mirror and I was Awestruck with what I had become. It was such a pleasing sight to see what I had become. There were some things that I learnt along this journey which I could have never learnt from any book or any video, which I have summarized as below.

My Conclusions

Athlete(Running & Calisthenics) and a Sports Enthusiast, Information Science Engineering student at RVCE.